Engineering Hall 3140

A 800 sq. ft. lab equipped with electronic measurement: probe stations, network analyzers, basic biochemistry supplies, and two fume hoods. There are also 6 student desks overlooking the UCI engineering plaza.

CalIT2 1309/1301/1301a

CalIT2 is a shared user facility, where the Burkelab oversees the equipment in rooms 1309/1301a and part of room 1301. CalIT2 1309 is a 600 sq. foot BSL2 lab with 2 fume hoods, a class II biosafety cabinet, CO2 incubators, and other bio-equipment. Room 1301a is a well isolated room equipped with an electrophysiology system, including an Axopatch 200B amplifier, a Digitizer 1440A, and an Olympus IX 71 inverted microscope inside a shielded Faraday cage situating on a vibration-controlled table (Figure 1). A broad spectrum fluorescence illumination source X-Cite 120 PC Q is connected to the inverted microscope along with TRIC and FITC filters. A new customized filter block with Ex 390nm/Em 650nm has recently been installed for monitoring Pt-porphyrin fluorescence. A monochrome CCD camera (QIClick) is attached to enable image viewing with a PC. The combination of equipment in CalIT2 1301A allows a wide range of experiments including electrophysiology measurements as well as fluorescence investigations. Room 1301 is shared between BurkeLab and the UCI microscopy center for hosting 2 AFMs.

Cleanroom facilities are available in the
Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility.


Results from electron-beam lithography system are available here.

We have built a custom carbon nanotube growth furnace, capable of synthesizing single walled nanotubes several mm in length.

We have a 20 GHz microwave network analyzer, probe station, cryogenic system (3He) capable of high frequency (to 20 GHz), high field (to 8 Tesla), variable temperature (0.3-300K) operation.



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