UCI Nanotechnology Group


Instructions for students wanting to do individual research and letters of recommendation.

2013-2014 academic year:

Spring 2014: EECS 70A / CSE 70A: Network  Analysis I

Winter 2014: Teaching buyout to run MURI center

Fall 2013: EECS 277B: Advanced Semiconductor Devices II

2012-2013 academic year:

Sabbatical year

2011-2012 academic year:

Spring 2012: EECS 277B: Advanced Semiconductor Devices II

(all quarters)  Graduate Advisor

Fall 2011:   EECS 170A LEC A: Electronics I

2010-2011 academic year:

Spring 2011:   EECS277C: Nanotechnology

(all quarters)  Graduate Advisor

Fall 2010:   EECS277A: Advanced Semiconductor Devices

2009-2010 academic year:

(all quarters)  Graduate Advisor

Spring 2010:   EECS70A: Network Analysis I

Winter 2010:   EECS277B: Advanced Semiconductor Devices

2008-2009 academic year:

Spring 2009:   EECS70A: Network Analysis I

Winter 2009:   EECS277B: Advanced Semiconductor Devices

Fall 2008:        EECS270A: Advanced Analog IC Design, I

2007-2008 academic year:

Spring 2008:   EECS70A: Network Analysis I

Winter 2008:   EECS277C: Nanotechnology

Fall 2007:        EECS170A: Electronics

2006-2007 academic year:

Spring 2007:   EECS70A: Network Analysis I

Winter 2007:   EECS277B: Advanced Semiconductor Devices

Fall 2006:        EECS170A: Electronics

2005-2006 academic year:

Spring 2006:   EECS277B: Advanced Semiconductor Devices

Winter 2006:   EECS277C: Nanotechnology

Fall 2005:        EECS170A: Electronics

2004-2005 academic year:

Spring 2005:   EECS277C: Nanotechnology

Winter 2005:   EECS285B: Lasers and Photonics

Fall 2004:        EECS170A: Electronics

2003-2004 academic year:

Spring 2004:    ECE 217C: Nanotechnology

Fall 2003:        ECE 113A: Electronics

2002-2003 academic year:

Spring 2003:    ECE 217C: Nanotechnology

Winter 2003:   ECE 275B: Lasers and Photonics

Fall 2002:        ECE 113A: Electronics I

2001-2002 academic year:

Spring 2002:    ECE 217B: Advanced Semiconductor Electronics

Winter 2002:   ECE 278: Lasers and Photonics